Getting frequent http 502 bad gateway http 504 gateway time-out errors

My phone’s blowing up with http 502 bad gateway and http 504 gateway time-out alerts. This used to be a rare occurrence but lately it’s happening on an almost daily basis. Is there something I can do on my end to correct this, or are there issues with ecloud?

they’re having an issue at time of writing -

Can you supress those notifications, is there a setting for it? if 502/504 http status aren’t sustained for a long time, they’re not really an issue, adressbook/calendar will sync a few minutes later anyway. Davx/accountmanager shouldn’t pop this to the front screen

if you want to lower the probability of seeing issues at all → go to the Account settings and space the sync intervall from 2minutes to… whatever fits, I think 30min is sensible anyway

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