Ghost notification


since some hours ago I got a “notification” permanently every time I turn on my phone screen.
There is not an app showing notifications, it’s only the sound and it’s like an alarm but I don’t recognize it. Even I play all notifications sounds in my phone and did not found which one it is.

I’m running /e/ in a refurbished Galaxy S7 recently bought to /e/ Foundation.
Did changed to Zim launcher recently but changed back to Bliss and KISS and the sound keeps.

Did removed the only app I’ve installed this morning, OSMTracker, but the sound keeps.

Did silenced sound for notifications and disappeared so it’s true that seems a notificatio, but in the meanwhile I can hear other notifications.

This is like a nightmare! :frowning:

Any idea or suggestion?


A sound without any notification showing, that’s weird. I don’t know what could be the issue.
So the only solution I have is : restore your phone…

If with restore you mean restart, I did it several times.
If you mean reinstall OS… well I bought a preinstalled one to avoid that.

Which build are you on your device. A reinstall to get rid of a notification issue seems to be overkill. Maybe some notification settings have changed.

Since last restart it stopped, while on first restart it lacks for some time before started again.

Did removed Weather widgets, that I also added this morning.

Zim crashes when I restart the phone but it said “restart app” and then keep running. But this behavior it’s since I’ve installed Zim several days ago and ghost notifications start this morning.


Not sure which is “build number” in my language options…
Just in case, the rest of the screen:

BTW It started again.
Can’t relate to any action. Last thing I did was send screenshots to my computer via KDE Connect to answer this forum topic.
It keeps playing while phone screen it’s on.

Just an update to say that it finally stopped play alarm… when I’ve uninstalled Orbot!
But I don’t know why Orbot was causing the problem (or it seems).

As coming from an S4 with LineageOS I’m trying to do the same configuring my new S7 with preinstalled /e/ .

Some days ago did installed Orbot as in my previous phones but did not enable applications for it. While I noted several times that I got the message “Orbot it’s starting” instead of started, and had to start it manually.
I’m almost sure that yesterday or the day before I’ve configured Lightning with Orbot previously to the alarm sound started.

This morning when I was away from home wifi, it start to sound again and I noted that Orbot was not successfully initiated after network changed from wifi to data.
Then I’ve related it and uninstalled Orbot. There is no sound since then and had been passed more than 12h.

Don’t know if Orbot can make some collision with other software preinstalled in /e/, did search forums and seems more people are using it, but I did not installed any software in /e/ that some I already had in Lineage but launchers. And it sounded also with Bliss and KISS as in Zim.

I suppose that next step it’s to install Orbot again and study it, but on Friday I’ll be on international travel for 4 weeks and I’m really busy now.
I’ll appreciate more ideas and suggestions and try to check probably later.

Best regards!

I have a similar problem, but it seems related to charging the battery? Fairphone 3 with pre-installed /e/ OS.

Every time I connect my phone to start charging the battery, the screen opens up and gives a short sound notification that the battery is being charged. That’s okay (although this should be optional as well) , but…the same short sound notification keeps coming and coming (I charge, like most people my phone) at night. Every now and then it produces this sound. Opening up the phone there is no message or other notification to be screen. So no idea what the purpose of this sound notification is meant to be.

Turning of all WiFi and mobile data did not prevent the phenomenon.

Last night I just pulled the charging wire cable out and left my phone not charging, and no sounds came.

I have checked numerous settings but nowhere can I find how to turn off this annoying recurring sound notification during (nightly) charging the phone.

Any ideas?


i have a similar problem. Yesterday I installed /e/ on my Samsung S7 and since then I frequently get ghost sound notifications. There are no related displayed notification. I didn’t identify much of a pattern yet, sometimes the sound is played several times in a row, sometimes it doesn’t even happen for hours. Sometimes I can trigger the sound when I turn on my phone screen, but sometimes not. When display is off and phone is locked it never happens.

It’s certainly not related to charging the battery and I don’t have Orbot installed on my phone.

My current /e/ version is 0.13-o-2020120889191-dev-herolte

Any ideas for help? Thanks!

Yehh! I sucessfully debugged the phone - the sound got triggered by NFC events. NFC tried to connect with my student-card which I kept in my phone sleeve. :smile:

I was a bit shocked though that NFC is turned on by default in /e/.

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