Ghost touch software issue?

So I live in the US, I bought a Samsung S9 and had it shipped from Australia so I could flash it with /e/. I love it! It works great and I want to make it my “daily use” phone. Except one big issue. It ghost touches like crazy. The lower right quadrant of my phone will just randomly spaz out and start tapping random things. I put it in safe mode, the issue persisted. I did a full system erase and reset from settings, the issue remained. I took off my screen protector, no luck… Is there any way this could be a software issue, or did I really get sold a dud device with a hardware issue? If so, I know that this is a software forum but, if you have any solution ideas, please let me know.

That happens to me every so often on my Essential Phone. Goes crazy like it has a mind of its own.
Noticed it mostly happens when I have it in a case but really I have no idea what’s going on.

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