Gigaset GS280 & Gigaset GS185

Please add support for the Gigaset GS285 and GS185

Running on Oreo 8.1 ; Qualcomm Quad-Core Snapdragon 425 ; 1.4 GHz 4G LTE Cat-4 ; 2 GB RAM.

yes please add support for GS280 :+1:

Gigaset GS180

Latest Stock Android™ 8.1.0 | Build GS180_HW1.0_03092020_V14

Very uncomplicated installation of system-e-1.13-q-20230728314839-dev-treble_arm_avN.img. All elementary functions work well.

/e/OS GSI ‘Q’ on Gigaset GS285 and GS185 GS185 should also run.