Gigaset GS290- screen broken /// écran fissuré / cassé

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Hello everybody,

I’m located in Paris, I bought the /e/ Gigaset290 only a couple of weeks ago and dropped it.
I’ve called I don’t how many repair centers and no one even knows about Gigaset.
Could you help me out please with a repair shop that can replace Gigaset smartphone screens?
Thanks a LOT!

Bonjour à tous,

J’ai acheté un téléphone Gigaset GS290 et je l’ai fait tomber (écran fissuré). J’ai appelé je ne sais pas combien de magasins à Paris et ils ne connaissent même pas Gigaset.
Est-ce qu’une bonne âme pourrait me donner l’adresse d’un magasin où ils réparent des téléphones portable Gigaset s’il vous plaît?

Merci mille fois!

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Pl send a mail to with the purchase details…the team should be able to help you.

Hey. Same problem happened to me. Any news on how to fix the screen for this particular model ?And even how to order one replacement official screen ? I’d really appreciate some help guys. Thanks

I contacted Gigaset, they gave me the list of official repair offices.
I contacted the french one, they refused to handle my devices because it was not with an official android :-/
So I sent it in Germany, to phone-service Reparatur Ihres Gigaset-Gerät inkl.5€ Erstattung der Einsendekosten : the service … is perfect !
The total cost was 120€, 15€ to send from France to Germany, 90€ for the repair, and 15€ for an over cost to send it back in France. Total delay : 10 days, but 8 for the travels, they repair it in less than 2 days after its reception !

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Hi folks, so I got the exact same problem. Dropped the Gigaset gs290, and the screen cracked horribly despite having a screen guard. Emailed Gigaset and they flat-out told me they don’t sell screens anywhere to anyone, period. Problem is - I’m currently in the UK so shipping it to Germany to get it fixed with a third party is going to be a serious pain. If I can get the screen though, then I get someone here in the UK to fix it.

So: do any of you folks know where I can get a screen?

I don’t mind if the sellers are based in the EU as I can get a friend to collect when they travel to the EU for me (logistics for repairing in the EU is a bigger issue as you can imagine though).