Gigaset GS290 update from v0.18 to v0.19 without issues - /e/ (stable)

Hi all,

just in case you might hesitate to update from v0.18 to v0.19 (stable) on your beloved GS290 as well,
I can tell you it worked like charm on my device.

I updated via the update tile in settings and did not face any issues at the time of writing.

The only thing which surprieses me again is to have the weather app still on the phone, hoped to get rid of it.

Phone, mail is working. Will see how roaming/calls abroad are doing in the near future. If I do not give any update here, then everything is fine.

Thank you very much to the developers, tester and project managment helping to make the update such a smooth activity.



That’s good news!

In my case I have en error checking for the ota (over wifi) update: tells me I have no internet, then let’s me post comments here…

Even with my GS290, the upgrade to version 0.19 worked perfectly and without errors.

Best Regards from Berlin / Germany



same here : the update went smooth. It’s been 1 hour and for the moment I haven’t noticed any regression.
Thanks to all the /e/ (or should I say “Murena” ?) Team, I’m happy to be a small part of this neither Google nor Apple adventure :wink:
Best Regards,


Nice to read some “happy-end” stories, thanks ! :smiley_cat:
Usually users come here to complain …