Gigaset GS290 - Vowifi + VoLTE supported?


I am in discussion with @Toretto :wink: about this device

and, since I would require VoWifi and VoLTE, I would like to know if those are supported by the device.
My understanding was that it was the case, but, when I tried to to ask him to follow this method

The result is negative. Is that because that method is carrier related and not device related?

Thank you in advance for your confirmations

Hello @sonyxa2
I tried that method on my daily GS290. So there was a SIMcard installed.
I think that is a great nuance that I needed to share.
Perhaps somebody can still shine some light on the VOwifi and VOLTE subject

Thank you @Toretto , I have edited my post, let’s see if there any feedbacks

if feedback is sparse, you could create a new or revive an old gs290 thread at Gigaset Allgemein – if the stockrom can do it, and at least one gs290 /e/ user is in there

Found this in the settings. So vowifi is suppported.

these are just setting switches and are not a guarantee it really will work.

Still I think the gs290 very likely does VoLTE/VoWifi in its target market (EU) at least in stockrom and if it fails to do so in a customrom could be debugged for why it fails to do so. Its very close sibling the Volla Phone was said being able to do so. But I don’t have the device to put weight behind that statement.


Thank you for your feedback @tcecyk
Let’s see if there is any other user that can confirm here

I had a look at the link you suggested, but it seems a German speaking community, and I would not understand a single word …

Thank you anyway for your effort to help

I tried to translate from the website @tcecyk suggested, and what I understood (which might be wrong :slight_smile: ) is that, in 2021, a user complained about issue with wifi, and another answered that his GS290 had /e/OS, that did not support vowifi …
Perhaps things have changed since then, so, if anyone can tell me whether GS290 can support vowifi and volte, that would help me a lot.

Thank you in advance

i can confirm that GS290 works fine with VoLTE using e.os 1.9
Maybe you hvae adjust some things, but it works here.

VoWifi is not tested, because my local Wifi does not support VoWifi. If i can find a suitable Wifi, i will test it.

See other post: Gigaset GS290 VoLTE - /e/OS Devices / Gigaset - /e/OS community

Thank you @User100 for your feedback.
If you could test the Vowifi, that would be great (and I can make @Toretto and myself happy by purchasing his device :slight_smile: )

Thank you in advance

until now i have NOT found any way to make Wifi-Calling run on GS290. Sorry.
I tested it for some hours. (The GS290 says it is “ready for Wifi-Calling”, but it complains about “no connection” when try to register WiFi-Calling.)

VoLTE works fine. :slight_smile: From my point this is the more important point.

Thank you very much @User100 for your efforts and support.

VoWifi is an important feature as well to me (when in areas of poor coverage / indoor, I can call and send / receive SMS by using the wifi), which is a reason why I have waiting for some feedback before buying the device…

I do not want to bother you any longer, let’s see if any other users have some feedback.

Thank you very much for your help