login/ account?

Hi Folks

I’ve been trying to log into the gitlab for bug reporting purposes.

I suspect my bitwarden had been using the same login as works for here, but I can’t tell - all I get when I try to login is the reasonable familiar: ‘Invalid login or password.’ That’s whether I try the login email I would expect in the form or

When I try to set up a new account, I get the following - whether I use an email address with an ‘+’ or not - cryptic error:

Just for completeness, the emails are again in the form of or

Are emails used for the community forum prohibited for gitlab? Or, perhaps I’m being prevented from creating a new account with the same credentials as an old gitlab account - in which case, why can’t I login in the first place?

Any ideas?


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Hi @morganread pl check this guide for assistance

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It would be helpful, if this guide is linked in the error message. Or the main information, that for private mail addresses it is necessary to contact the helpdesk. I ran into the same issue.

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Why not just paste the helpful information where it would be helpful - the account creation dialogue…?

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