Gitlab register: unable to use my own domain


I’m trying to register on but it doesn’t allow my
The message is not very detailed but I supposed it’s restricted on .xyz domain.
I could I register on gitlab ?

1 error prohibited this user from being saved:

Email is not allowed for sign-up. Check with your administrator.

Thanks for your help

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Pl send a mail to with details of the ID you want to use. Sometime back we had an issue with dummy accounts being created. Post that new account creation has been restricted to certain known domains. The team should be able to help you create an ID.

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I sent an email.

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I am having the same issue with both my and my email addresses. Could it be that your whitelist is missing some of the most commonly used email providers?

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I tried to create an account with different email adresses from different domains with no success. I considered it vital to a project like e os that users report issues they have. But it has an pretty dettering effect if it is an adventure to get an account to do so. I expected a process like writing the report and getting an email to confirm. Now I have to write an email with my email to hope that it will be accepted to create an account to create a report which ideally never happens again.

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It is possible in Gitlab to setup ‘Service Desk’ for a repo, which allows anyone to submit issues by emailing a specific email address. Unfortunately, it looks like /e/ have not enabled that functionality for the Backlog repo :frowning:

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If it exists. It would certainly include “” otherwise.

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