Gmail with the default mail app


I am trying to use the default mail app to connect to my gmail account.

I noticed that when I enter an email *, I am forced to setup a google account, and cannot see the pop/imap settings. I don’t want to add a Google account to my device, only read my emails…

It works fine with other domains, so I don’t understand this choice for the ‘Mail’ app.

Is there a workaround ? I can do it fine on Thunderbird on my computer or any other mail app…

If I could just remove or replace the default mail app, this would also not be a problem.


Hi. I have a similar problem with K9-Mail. I also have multiple account on more than one provider. I set up Gmail, from the site, to forward every email to another address and so I don’t need to access Gmail, never more.

Well that’s interesting. At first I thought you must be mistaken but yeah, a system account is needed. Not even possible to do a manual setup.
That makes no sense in my opnion. :thinking:

I’m also interested in a solution/workaround for this. I’m in the process of migrating away from gmail but not ready quite yet