Go to ... goes to first future date with same day of week

This appears to be a recent issue for me. I recall it working correctly. When I select a data from “Go to …” (past or future), I am taken to another date with the same day of the week. For example, if, on Tuesday, I select a Thursday two weeks in the future, I am taken to the day after tomorrow. For dates in the future, this is usually the next date with the same day of the week, but for dates in the past, it is often another date in the past with the same day of the week.

Any chance you can mention what app you are referring to? I assume it’s the Calendar?

Sorry, it has the “Calendar” tag, so I presumed that wasn’t necessary. Calendar app, Version 12. /e/ 1.16-s. Murena Teracube 2e.

Oops. Sorry I didn’t notice the tag. :hushed:

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