Good image hosting service?

(Yes, it’s not typically an /e/ topic, but please let me ask.)

Does anyone know a good image hosting service for long term personal use? 200 pictures per year. Finding one seems to be much more difficult than initially thought.

My ideal requirements are as follows:

  • no advertizing
  • no storing on american servers
  • no transfer of the copyright away from me
  • albums (or similar, sometimes it’s called collections)
  • public visibility
  • no (I mean: acceptable) limitations

I didn’t mention costs. I find it legal that a service costs something. Question is: how much.

The best approach I found until now is the one of the Pixelfed servers – it’s decentral, you can get an account on an existing server or download the software and setup your own. But they seem to have still some problems in the software, important features are just beta and do currently not work. And uploading is an awkward thing there.

Any better ideas?

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Why don’t use edrive ??

I don’t use my for storage. That was a decision. Especially I do not want any automatic synchronization.

(I just saw that I have indeed already some pictures there I did never upload. That’s not good at all and not in my interest, my synchronization settings are OFF but it still happens.)

I miss important features there you normally have when you must handle pictures. Image hosting is a bit more than simple file hosting.

  • It seems that I can’t create/rename/delete an album there. These operations depend on synchronization. Why???
  • I also ask myself about the order of the pictures. I have pictures from mostly three different (!) sources with different naming conventions. But of course I want the pictures to have an order when they get displayed, and this is the order when they are taken.

I don’t know if this covers your requirements but looks kind of interesting.

Stingle Photos (Stingle Photos is a secure, end-to-end encrypted, open-source gallery and sync a) -

Main web page is here. Prices seem quite reasonable.

There’s also Piwigo, I think.

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