Good privacy-safe health app?

Can anyone recommend a good Health app that logs your BP, weight, fitness routines, sleep, etc, and where your data are also safe?

What about a note pad ? :joy::joy::joy:

Sorry for joking :weary:

haha no you’re right i thought there wasn’t anything out there either. But this looks pretty good! they say they never share data with 3rd parties. + based in EU

this is their app

Just seen this Track & Graph (Track personal data and create custom graphs to gain personal insight!) -

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@Rik Not sure if this meets all of your criteria, but I use Gadgetbridge with an Amazfit Bip, and it works pretty good.


Thanks for the Tip - I ordered my Amazfit Bip yesterday :slight_smile: … The only thing which will I want to ask you is: Do you track your sleep and whne Yes with which App?

Gadgetbridge does that :slight_smile:

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I need no app. The girl on my site is monitoring my sleep and kicks me when I’m snoring :rofl:


perfect - thank you!

lol … mine does that too … must be a “girl thing” :wink:

use the Withings sleep mat!

the only risk i found with mi band 4 during use with gadgetbridge was the registration, it needs some special app to find a registration key but otherwise works well without the official miband app or what its called

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