Goodby im back to android

After trying using E over the last couple of days im here to say goodby. After coming from An iphone and moving to a S9 im off to use stock android for a while to see what im missing out on. I know that i have sacrificed camera usability moving to E which is a real shame. I was also frustrated that the notes app needed me to keep logging in. ILL BE BACK! Probably.

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Hi, I’m sorry to hear you leave us :yum:

Of course you have perfectly the right to forge your opinion about a stock ROM in order to be able to compare.

About the camera, yes sadly for people who needs very high quality, there is no solution. Have you activated the “Camera API V2” in OpenCamera settings ? It increases the quality.

About the Notes app, the fact we need to login to use it is a problem. You can download another very good note app, like “S. Notes” for instance.

Do not hesitate to come back in a few days, weeks or months to see the status of /e/, or whatever the new name will be :slight_smile:

There are some models though with great photo quality like the S7 - at least this was described in some posts. Otherwise there are dozens of notes apps but that might be a valid point above. Apart from the big two iOS and android there still isn’t anything as usable as e.

What drama! It seems that device manufacturers can only define themselves primarily through an ever faster processor or an ever more complex camera (apps). However, the /e/cosystem offers the possibility to get away from the omnipotence Alphabet Inc. (G°°gle Holding) and does not pursue the goal of having the best camera.

The good thing about the existing mobilOS system worlds is - the user has the free choice to choose in which he wants to move.


Have to agree with archie et. al. here. The value-add of /e/ is the deGooglization of the phone, which already provides a huge amount of functionality relative to no-phone or dumb phone. A stock Android phone, for a lot of us, is an anti-value proposition by which I mean having it and using it degrades our position in life rather than upgrades our position in life.

I think the basic thing that distinguishes /e/ users from everyone else is how clearly you can see what kind of power companies like Google are leveraging by mining the ultra-fine, intimate details of our daily lives - and what exactly they could do with that power. When I look at what they’ve done with the power they have with YouTube and search as examples, the last thing I want is to give them my personal information. It’s an anti-value proposition.

Some people can see that clearly and some people think there is safety in numbers, or their lives are unremarkable and therefore they’re safe, or something along those lines. I am afraid that the tale of the historical tape is that, in the end, no one is left alone because of their ordinariness and there is no safety in numbers.

Either you get that in your bones and you’re nodding your head in agreement and recognition right now or it sounds like alarmist hyperbole. The difference may even be genetically mediated for all we know.


Google’s waiting for you…
:v:Best wishes