Goodbye /e/, you should take security more seriously

It’s been a good few years with /e/, but the obvious lack of focus on security and patching vulnerabilities is not acceptable to me anymore. I’ll be using DivestOS from now on.

Thanks a lot for this wonderful project, which I am sure will keep improving. No hard feelings, just a divergence of opinion.

Finally, I would like my account to be deleted/anonymized @Manoj, thanks.

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DivestOS is a vastly diverged unofficial soft fork of LineageOS.

Automated Kernel CVE Patching
We’ve developed an automated patch checker along with an extensive database of fixes for over 5,800 Linux kernel security issues. These are automatically applied where possible to all devices.

@SkewedZeppelin aka @Ted aka @Tavi may be a genial developer, but - he only boils with water too.

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I am impressed, good argument…