Google account or e/account?

If I add a google account - rather than an e/account - to just sync calendar and contacts, will this “re-google” my phone again?


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Not entirely no,

Google may be able to know which emails you download with your smartphone and when, it will have some information about the use of your calendar and address book on your mobile, but will not have access to the use of your apps.

On the other hand, you should know that the sync of a Google account on /e/ does not work properly (authentication problems).
To do this, do NOT add a Google account from the settings menu => accounts, but download the DAV5x app and configure it as follows:


Thanks stanwood, that’s useful to know.

The other option is to use an e/cloud account on my phone instead of google on the phone for my calendar & contacts.

If i use e/cloud and change a contact or calendar entry on my phone, does this then get synced back to my google account via e/cloud?

I highly doubt it, given that /e/cloud’s entire point is to not use Google.