Google account stopped to sync in calendar app

the calendar app sync with my google account stopped working. I can see the appointments created in the past but I don’t see the ones created in the last days.
Likewise, if I enter new appointments from the phone, I do not see them from the other synchronized devices.

I’m not getting any sync error messages from my phone.

Any suggestions?

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What calendar app are you using?
How do you sync?
What /e/OS version are you using?

Hi, the App is “Calendar”, default app in /e/OS.
I’m logged with my google account.
The OS should be /e/OS0.19-20211026142972 updated on 26 ott 2021

Let’s have a look here and ff:

I think it’s your problem…

Yes, same problem. I missed the post.

This often happens after updating the OS, you should just remove the related Google Accounts and log back in again (it works for me everytime my calendars stop synching).

Great, tanks. I’ll try.

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