Best way to read email / calender from google (work) without google apps?

yes. you can login on goolag on main goolag site and access all like gmail, calendar, contacts, docs etc.

hmmm ok mail is ok calander is a bit tricky i see but thx for pointing out what I already do on my laptop for 5+ years :wink: so i will stick tothis also for mobile now … thx

While viewing calendar and mail in the browser certainly works, the calendar and mail app (by which I mean the app of your choice, e.g. default /e/ mail and calendar or fairmail) is more convenient and will give you things like the native Android look and feel, notification, integration with other accounts etc.

Mail can be setup as a regular IMAP account ( with your email address and password. For the calendar you can use an app like DAVx5 to synchronize via the caldav protocol. Unfortunately DAVx5 does not support the Oauth method required by the official Google Calendar API, however the old caldav access URL still works for now (might not work in the future):[yourname]

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Yes, that’s right, but I wouldn’t allow any connection to a googlag server. No way. And when you are running a tracker blocker like TrackerControl or Netguard the connections would be blocked by default

Sure. Anyone can decide what fits her or his use case most.


What is the big difference - connect Googull with browser or connect with app?

The app has trackers and is collection ALL your data from your device. The browser collected only data from browser

k9 and fair emails do not have trackers?

yepp. you can check on your device with ‘ClassyShark’ from f-droid

k9 Zero trackers found
fairemail 1 tracker, bugsnag, opt-in only, developer is privacy-oriented.


K9 will definitely work with your Google email. Just set it up like any IMAP service

thx guys for all the feedback

ok now I have the following issue, my company is on google, I try to use the default email client ( forked from k9 right?) I can create an extra account for my regular account on the mail client but my companies email via IMAP does not work… I put the email as user name use but after that it says cannot connect to server…? (yes he IMAP services are checked in the account) any suggestions?

has your company a 2way auth ? As far as I know from some goolag users you have to accept the new client via browser access to gmail

I use email blue mail.

For the calendar: I need to access a google calendar from work and it kinda worked by adding a google account in system settings. Kinda. Every 2-5 weeks I noticed that the calendar was not syncing correctly anymore. I had to remove the google account from system settings, add it again, uncheck all items I did not want syncing (mail, contacts, etc.) and everything worked fine again for a while. But the conitnuuos uncertainity if syncing was working was unnerving. I suspect the problem has to do with the inbuilt “stealth” function of micro-g, which prohibits google to continuuosly identify my device, so at some point google servers refuse to sync.

I then tried to access the google calendar via webdav/caldav, that never worked for me.

Now I installed an app called “ICSx5” which allows to add accounts for the iCalendar standard format. Google-Calendars provide a private ical-address for each calendar. I just noticed, that this is only working for viewing though, I don’t seem to have write-access from my phone :tired_face: :sob:

Update: even the “viewing” feature through iCal works only for a limited time, then there are sync-errors. I suspect google allows syncing for a while, then disallows for some reason (e.g. changing device-identification?). Most likely it’s the same mechanism as described above for the google account.

/e/ is built as:
Your data is YOUR data!

Google is built as:
Your data is OUR data!
Thou shalt have no other gods beside me

If it doesn’t work with iCAL (and I’m not surprised Google is putting a stop to this either) then I don’t see any way you can get it to work.
The logical thing would be to do without Google services and choose a provider that provides mail, calendar and contacts and offers standard protocols like WEBCAL, WEBDAV, CARDDAV and CLADAV…
A managed or selfhosted nextcloud or a provider like oder posteo for example.

yes, I know. And I am aware that it’s not /e/ 's job to clean up the mess that google creates by not impementing webdav standards or by over-carefully protecting accounts by checking phone-identification. But sometimes, e.g. at workplace, one is not able to make technology decisions but must comply with whatever is being used by others. So l still think it’s helpful if interested users with similar situation can read up on this topic. And who knows, maybe there is a solution just around the corner.

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Same problem here.
I’m afraid I have to equip myself with telephones, 1 for work activities and the other (/ e / OS) for the private sector.
I hope there is another solution.