Google apps in Shelter

Hey there,
I just installed e on my Moto G4 last week after having shortly tried LineageOS and struggled to get microG into it (mostly because I got an unofficial Lineage 15 (android 8) instead of android 7 based Lineage4microGwhich is the last version available for my device (like e)).
My ideal setup is to use no Google apps for my private stuff, but to use Shelter for work profile, in which I may need to use most Google things because that’s what my company uses.
Does anyone here have a similar setup? Is it even possible with e, or shall I go to lineageOS with gapps instead?

I tried the Gmail and Google Calendar and Google Drive apps from the e-Apps store but they are constantly asking for a username to log in with and complain that it already exists on this phone if I try to give it again…
Is it only me or a general issue?

Thanks for your help!

on eOS microG is installed. MicroG is a system wide installation You can’t seperate it from private or workprofil. That means, you can’t install goolag apps in shelter on eOS.

But you can use other mail app or calendar app and import your goolag mails / appointments.

And one remark: If your company is using googlag they should fire there entire IT department !!!

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Hmm ok, tanks for your answer - I thought this was precisely one of e’s selling points (so to say), especially since some of these apps are available through e’s own app store…

But good to know that system apps like microG can’t be separated in shelter.
I guess my setup would not be easier on Lineage, right? Can the Gapps be installed in shelter?

Yes, that’s crazy and I don’t understand that the app store have these kind of apps.

You can’t install gapps (goolag play services) in shelter.

Too bad, but thanks!

No, it’s good, so you lost not all your privacy :wink: