Google calendar in this Forum

Why is ‘google calendar’ shown when I push the small calendar on side of the appointment ?

@Manoj could you pls share with admin ?

Hi @harvey186 the two options show up by default in Discourse. To remove it we will have to make changes in the source code by making a fork I guess. Not sure we can take this up now. Let me check if there is an easy way to remove it.
Also raise this as a bug and lets take this discussion out side this topic. This is a place to ask users to participate in meetups


Ok, sure that’s the wrong place. And thx for picking it up

The Calendar App has a default supported link to G00gl too. Howto remove it?

Will have to check if all these ‘google’ removals are possible in Discourse. The answer to most of these issues is to fork and build it as per our preferences. That is not exactly possible for now. Anyway will check if there are easier ways to do it.

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Can you use to press in Open supported links and click for dont open in this app?