Google device registration

Do I need to have this option enabled? I am not using any Google services if it is solely for those.

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Hi! As I noticed, it’s needed if any apps use the push notifications. In my device it was on by default, after some time I turned off and the push notifications still work perfectly.

Thanks @Pyramid87 for your reply!

It was enabled by default on my device as well. I’ll turn it off to see how it will work out.

Thanks for sharing your experience!
I’ll get back to mark the thread solved when/if everything is alright.

You’re welcome @pebcak!
I think if you install a new app which needs to use the push notifications, you might need to turn on again the device registration so that the app can register, too. Then off again…
I also look forward if it’s working for you as the same way as for me!

Thanks for further explanation! I’ll keep that in mind and test further to see how push notifications will work. So far it is working as expected.

You’re very welcome! Hope it will work for you as it’s been working for me for long time.

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Hello, does it turn back on after reboot on your devices too?

Hi! I’m using mido with the latest official /e/ build, and I remember this issue happened before… I don’t know on which version, but for 1-2 months it always stays turned off. Maybe the update fixed it. Do you use the latest /e/ as well?

Got an FP3 with q-0.15

In my device in n-0.15 the microG worked well already… so I don’t know what can cause this annoying issue… Maybe you can try to wipe cache and dalvik in recovery mode, since it mostly helps if there are issues with the OS…