Google Duo\Google Meet

I know the advice is to install the Jitsi Meet App, and I did so. However, going by the directions here and the last post there this is no longer working?

I get so far as to create a room then I get an error.

So is this still the recommendation? If not, then what? How can I still video chat my relatives?

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Don’t think is still operative. If you leave the default server in there it will work or choose one from lists (geographically close to you for meetings beyond peer2peer) -

I managed to install and get working the v21 version of Duo. Upgrading to Meet breaks something. Any way to lock it in the App Lounge or pin it in the app lounge to never be updated? Have already disabled the setting “Automatically install updates” I’m just wondering if there is a finegrained method to pin or lock the specific app?

I tried jitsi and somehow ended up in a room with myself on the same phone. Two versions of myself. A nightmare. I can’t even imagine trying to get my Father, sixty nine and stroke survivor to use it.

not in AppLounge. Aurora Store has the “ignore updates / blacklist” function on App name long press.

Would installing the Aurora store add it as a repo to App Lounge or would it need to replace App Lounge?

they’d compete on updates. But AppLounge with interval on monthly and ignoring apps installed through other stores can be kept at bay if that is what you want

Not really wanting to forestall all updates unless I have to. Wish there was a way to pin versions of apps the way it is possible in Debian. Thanks for the advice.

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