Google Email : Blocked eMail

Hi alls
I just received this few minutes ago !!!


Beginning July 8, 2020, the following app will no longer have access to your Gmail data:

eFoundation Mail

Google has always worked to design our tools and services with security at their core. Last year, we proactively updated the Google User Data Policy to better protect Gmail users.

All apps listed above have not passed our required verification process and, as a result, will no longer be able to access your Gmail data starting July 8, 2020.

Without access to your Gmail data, this app may not work as intended. If you have any questions, please contact the developer of the app.

You can also use the xxxxx to view, manage, and remove any apps that you have given access to your Google Account.

The Google Accounts team

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Me too. What is /e/ Foundation’s advice to users on how to handle this?

Hi I logged into my Google email account on my laptop and under settings forwarding I chose to forward my Gmail to my /e/ account.


say goodby to goolag and leaving goolag behind :smiley:

That was my move too!

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Philosophically, yes, but practically, not so easy.

Many /e/ users may still have very valid reasons for keeping a Gmail account. They may be weaning themselves off Gmail but are not willing or able to cut the cord immediately. It’s those users who will be affected by this unwelcome development.

There are workarounds, such as that suggested by @SWEBkM, but my question still stands: what is /e/ foundation’s advice to users on this matter? Will they jump through Google’s hoops to get the eMail app approved, or will we need to install a new email client to access (legacy) Gmail accounts?

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Either K9

Or FairEmail

Will do the job, and probably better than /e/'s client.

/e/ is a fork of K9, it won’t solve the issue.
Edit : Oh an update of K-9 after 2 years, maybe it solves the issue :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I didn’t know it.

Age of K9 has no bearing. I run 5.600 and even the older Material Design version on my ROMs with no issues with Gmail.

I checked the Google User Data Policy linked in the email. G says the app does not pass their required verification process. Apparently Google must think that /e/Mail is doing something different that warrants a “ban”.

We as the users don’t get details and only see an app that does what is intended. Don’t know if eFoundation was given full reasons that can be addressed.

On the eyebrow raising side, maybe big G was like " Oh, you wanna be ungoogled? Fine, ungoogle this you privacy loving weirdos!" :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Let me check on this issue what the dev team has to say. So far I have not received this notification from Google.

Update: The team is working on checking how to resolve this issue. For the time being while the team works to fix this, a workaround as mentioned by @SWEBkM could be to forward your gmails to your /e/ account.
This error shows up when you create a gmail account directly in the mail app. If creating in the Account manager the issue does not occur.
While these are workarounds the team is working on fixing the issue.

I find it interesting that of my 3 gmail accounts only one received this message, Although I authorized eFoundation mail to access all three accounts.

Hi all,
we have investigated this and it is due to a verification procedure that all OAuth apps requesting certain sensitive permissions must pass. Mail didn’t pass this procedure, however /e/ AccountManager did. So the workaround if you want to access your email directly in /e/ with Mail app (K-9 Mail fork) is to add the account system-wide (Settings > Users & accounts). This will also create a separate Google address book account that you can remove.
We will think about the best way for resolving the issue for Mail so in the future it may be possible to just add the e-mail account there.

Link (Google):

Check the detailed announcement here

Move to another provided eg Tutanota

enable imap access on your gmail account.