Google enrollment on eos


I use /e/os on samsung galaxy S8 bought pre-installed on the /e/os website.
it works great and I have question about the application.
In the process system applications there are the following app:
- OK Google enrollment
- X Google enrollment
I’m surprised to see google app on /e/os.

  1. Are they standard installed?
  2. Did they come with the installation of a third-party application?
  3. And can I disable/remove them?

Thanks for your answers.

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Probably not much help, but when I look at the (system) apps I don’t see either of those on my FP3.

I have the same two apps on my OnePlus 6T running the latest build of /e/ os. They’re visible when I click ‘show system apps’. Maybe it’s device specific?

Like say Tangmu, they’re visible when I click ‘show system apps’. Do you have them ?

Yes, maybe. It’s just a bit surprising for an OS degooglised.

Ok, Do you know if I can remove them without disrupting e/os/ ?

I think you have forgotten to format /data partition before installing /e/OS

I couldn’t find anything Google related on my phone, im on a Moto G7 Plus, and did the installation myself. That’s weird, since you got your phone from the /e/ store. Maybe a S8 bug or something? I would try contacting and ask, or, try to reinstall the system myself.

It seems that he got the mobile with /e/ pre-installed, so unless who did the installation forgot to format /data partition before installing /e/, that wouldn’t be the case.

I would try to contact, or, to reinstall it myself. As i said on this topic, on mine, doesn’t show anything from Google.

Thank you for your help.
I will try to contact and I will keep you informed of their response.

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