Google enrollment on eos


I use /e/os on samsung galaxy S8 bought pre-installed on the /e/os website.
it works great and I have question about the application.
In the process system applications there are the following app:
- OK Google enrollment
- X Google enrollment
I’m surprised to see google app on /e/os.

  1. Are they standard installed?
  2. Did they come with the installation of a third-party application?
  3. And can I disable/remove them?

Thanks for your answers.

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Probably not much help, but when I look at the (system) apps I don’t see either of those on my FP3.

I have the same two apps on my OnePlus 6T running the latest build of /e/ os. They’re visible when I click ‘show system apps’. Maybe it’s device specific?

Like say Tangmu, they’re visible when I click ‘show system apps’. Do you have them ?

Yes, maybe. It’s just a bit surprising for an OS degooglised.

Ok, Do you know if I can remove them without disrupting e/os/ ?

I think you have forgotten to format /data partition before installing /e/OS

I couldn’t find anything Google related on my phone, im on a Moto G7 Plus, and did the installation myself. That’s weird, since you got your phone from the /e/ store. Maybe a S8 bug or something? I would try contacting and ask, or, try to reinstall the system myself.

It seems that he got the mobile with /e/ pre-installed, so unless who did the installation forgot to format /data partition before installing /e/, that wouldn’t be the case.

I would try to contact, or, to reinstall it myself. As i said on this topic, on mine, doesn’t show anything from Google.

Thank you for your help.
I will try to contact and I will keep you informed of their response.

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The answers of

1-Yes they are installed by default. These two useless components will be removed in /e/OS 0.16 (in a few weeks).

2-No, they came with /e/OS.

3-Not easily, it’s better to wait for the update.

More than just waiting :slight_smile:

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Is there anyone can explain what is google enrollment in a degoogled device? When opening my settings writing google, pops up x and ok google enrollment?

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That has been answered a couple of days ago here: Google enrollment on eos


After reading your message and seen that @Tangmu had found these two apps on his Oneplus 6T I checked on my 1+6 and found them as well.

Using the excellent App Manager I disabled both of them and it apparently has had no effect on the /e/OS. App Manager also told me that they were both inactive and had no trackers. Hope this reassures others.

These elements showing up in the Setting appear to be device specific.
Have asked the Dev team to remove it as it is not only un necessary but also look a ‘bit out of place’ on an Un googled phone :slight_smile:


Hello . I just got the update 0.15 in my OP 6 and still the google enrollement is there. I have force to stop them, but still impossible to get reed of them.