Google, Facebook and Twitter on the Patreon page? Why?


i was about to sign up for monthly support, why is Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. running in the background?
You want to get away from all the data hooligans and then you are directed to such a contaminated site as a supporter?
That seems to me somehow unbelievable. Create a system free of Google etc., but the website is contaminated by it?


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You are actually showing the third-party scripts from not from the /e/ website itself. Check the website address in your browser.
/e/ just uses patreon as a financing platform as they process payments and handle all the recurring donation subscriptions. /e/ has no influence in what patreon chooses to embed in their site as they are completely independent from /e/. They are a seperate company like Paypal etc.

Howevery, I partly agree with your point. Processing payments with a company which obviously does not care about their user’s privacy like patreon does not really comply with /e/'s general mission and values. Maybe it would be a good idea to choose a donation provider like over patreon?

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Ahhhh, then perhaps you should point out that /e/ has NOT anything to do with this site and this site is an external provider.
For me it looks like /e/ is running the site.

Hi @anon26953564 thanks for pointing this out. The scripts as @exyna has also pointed out are coming from the Patreon site. All the same it should be mentioned where the user leaves the /e/ site or maybe we should find other providers. Will pass on the feedback to the website team. Have raised an issue here.


What is unbelievable to me is that you had the good judgement of installing No-Script which is not exactly user-friendly, but couldn’t bother youself with looking at the address bar. You even blurred the bookmarks right under it! :smiley:

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+1 for liberapay! its pretty great


noScript may not be very user-friendly, but at least it blocks some things.
The other one I described above, for me it seemed to be one side of /e/, no matter if there is another address or not. Then you should go there and at least give a little hint that this is NOT a page of /e/. But that did not happen. So for me this is first of all a page that belongs to /e/ and therefore contradicts the privacy policy.

You should also give a hint to the users on the /e/ page who are about to visit this other page, that it is NOT a page of /e/ and that TRACKER are running in the background.

Would it be enough to use a design similar to

Every “donate” button is below the logo of the service that will handle the money transfer. They do not mark them as external links, but I personally find it so obvious I wouldn’t need it an additional marker (like e.g. the one they use at Wikipedia:

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