Google Fi App / Service


I realize that one key tenant of this project is to move away from Google, and I agree with outcome vision. However, there is a transition phase that most, who have been using Google for a long time, will have to go through.

I’m in the process of transitioning, and one roadblock I’ve encountered is the Google Fi App ( My current cell phone service is through Google Fi. I am aware that the simple answer is to simply switch carriers, and I’m sure I’ll get there eventually.

However, in the meantime, has anyone else had any success using e OS under Google Fi??? The app is available in the new e App Store, but upon running the app, I am getting the message “Update Google Play services - Google Fi ( won’t run unless you update Google Play services.”

With MicrcoG replacing Google Play Services, is there a setting I’m missing to get this to work, or is this simply an incompatibility issue, or something else???

I am on the lastest (0.6-2019052310969) e OS on my Nexus 5.

Aaron von Awesome