Google Lens alternatives

Do you guys know any Open Source alternatives to something like Google Lens? Most important for me would be plant recognition, bit recognition of insects or even everything existing would be nice too :upside_down_face:

For plant recognition I use flora incognita app:

It’s Germany based, not sure about rest of world-coverage.

Plantnet is another valid alternative

Thanks guys, I use(d) both of them before and they are good!
But not real FOSS, right?
I didnt find something on f-droid…

Well, I can’t say if plantnet is entirely FOSS but it is patented by many French renowned public research institutes. Not a French citizen myself, I’m a soil scientist and from the very beginning I smelled the air of cooperation rather than competition in the app. May be not FOSS but quite near.

I’m always ready to change idea after gaining more informations from someone more knowledgeable than me in IT.