Google Nexus 10 (manta)

I’ve seen that nearly every Nexus device has been added but what about the Nexus 10? Or is /e/ not yet optimized for tablets? Thanks a lot.

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I have running eOS nougat on my N10 :smiley:

But the bliss launcher is worst on tablet

With TotalLauncher


Wow this is really cool. I’ll give this a try. Thanks a lot!

@harvey186 I have just installed it and so far it works really good. I’ll keep testing it. Thanks for the launcher tip :slight_smile:

Always welcome :+1:
And have fun with it


I have read on several forums that google manta samsung GTP8110 Nexus released with stock android 5 if Im not wrong, all more recent android versions, from xda feedbacks, doesnt include gps nor camera modules working well because of android kernel and samsung blobs restrictions.
question is, does both of those two little devices works well on the manta, with that new rom?

thank you!

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