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Despite meticulously following the installation guide, I was unable to sideload the /e/ .zip package onto my Nexus 6P, constantly getting: Updater process ended with ERROR: 7.

My problem was solved by opening the TWRP console and running mkdir /cache/recovery.
I got that idea from this post:
Error E1001: Failed to update system image, ERROR 7
…which got it from this post:
TWRP failed to install ZIP for Lineage 16 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 (t03g)

I am a complete noob at this, but it seems to me that this issue should be fixed in the installer itself (by /e/? or do you think I should open a bug on the TWRP GitHub?), but at the very least it should be a step or should be in the troubleshooting section in the installation guide.


We are working on creating a customized recovery for /e/ . The first cut of the same is available for testing on Q builds. Can check with the team if the fix for this issue can be added to the recovery. Will update on the teams response.

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