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Hi there
Some feedbacks on the install page of Google Pixel 2 after installing /e/ OS s 1.5.1 on it in replacement of Android 11 :

§Downloads for the walleye, ‘Custom recovery’ is a dead link. It should be Download TWRP for walleye

§ Booting a custom recovery using fastboot, the procedure has two steps, first boot twrp then install it as the recovery. It is well described here

I would suggest to add that the bootloader shouldn’t relocked after installation.

Then the install goes without problem.

How did you manage to overcome 'failed to mount ‘/system’ (invalid argument) or
'failed to mount ‘/vendor’ (invalid argument)

Sorry @Tech-e1 , I don’t remember having encountered these issues.

Hmm perhaps you used an older version of twrp. I followed the wipe guidance to the letter and still got those errors. I just got fed up and flashed /e/ recovery and was successful.

Here is a quick synopsis of what i saw

I have checked my notes and I had installed twrp 3.3.0-0 at that time and never had any problem to mount partitions. Now the recovery is recovery-e 1.11. Maybe the recovery has been updated by an OTA update ?