Google Pixel 2016 - Sailfish

As the name says, this is the smaller sibling of the Pixel XL, and is also officially supported by LineageOS. Depending on the methodology, this should hopefully take care of a lot of legwork too :smile:

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Another vote for the smaller Pixel. Readily available near me and covers all providers in my area + areas I travel to, but I don’t like the size of the Pixel XL. Thanks to @Unknown for providing an unofficial build.

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@Manoj maybe you should add this device to the official /e/ list, also another user comment that pie unofficial works good Unofficial /e/ Builds for Lineage Supported Phones

Thanks @Unknown for sharing the details. Will recommend for inclusion to the official list.

In my case I have not had as much luck with pie unofficial. Bliss has crashed on me twice, and I have had some strange (possibly related) lock-ups for example trying to access Settings -> Apps -> App permissions resulted in the rotating circle logo forever. After a power cycle it is working. Now considering to either try Trebuchet launcher, or move back to 8.1

I have had nothing but problems with bliss os on several devices. Really looking forward to this on the sailfish pixel.

Are you returning to the custom builds to update then when /e/ pushes out an update? Has the sailfish version been successfully installed?

I think it’s awesome that people like you take the extra steps to allow more people to use software like this.

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