Google pixel 3A, changing os


I have a pixel 3a with “e” recorvery and “e” os (android 12).
I want to test Ubuntu Touch.
Is it possible to install a google rom (android 9) directly from “e” recorvery?
Normally the Pixel 3a accept to downgrade when the roms are google os.
But i have a “e” os and I have a doubt.
and vice versa, if the ubuntu touch install works, can I return to e?


Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Well I couldn’t wait and I did the manipulations blindly with all the risks that entails.
so, I was able to:
flash android 9 from google instead “e” os 15.
Install ubuntu touch via their application.
Then re-flash android 12 from google instead ubuntu and finally re-install “e”.
Usually I do it in command lines but this time I used the Google flashtool to flash the OTAs, it installs each time, a new recorvery and a new os.
For "e"os, I did the command line and therefore reinstalled "e"recorvery and "e"os.
My pc is in Debian 11 and i uses flashtool with debian Chrome.
So with a Pixel 3 A, we can change OS, downgrade, it’s not a problem

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