Google Pixel 3a &Pixel 3a XL

I also would like to have the Pixel 3a. If FP3 was available across the pond, it would be a great option, but we can’t currently get them over here.

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/e/ and Pixel 3a “sargo” would go well together.

Since /e/ is not dependent on the lineage support a /e/ OS v1.0 Pie would be a clear message.

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  • The G°°gle Pixel-3-Edition can be easily downgraded from StockROM Android 10 to Android 9.

  • Like the Fairphone FP3, the bootloader can be opened and closed very easily.

  • The installation of a custom ROM on Pixel’s is very similar to the Fairphone FP3.

  • The time is ripe for /e/volution und /e/cosystem.

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In my experience Pixel phones are the easiest to unlock and tot use other roms on them. And as a bonus if you put stock rom on it you van even lock it back again. (good for selling it through). From that point of view pixel phones need more focus from /e/. Biggest bonus is the irony to have a degoogled google phone. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@Damio »Biggest bonus is the irony to have a degoogled google phone.«


G°°gle Pixel 3a “sargo” GrapheneOS (Android 10) with /e/ Apps /e/ Browser /e/ Wallpaper

Now only the / e / OS ROM 9-Pie is missing.


One more vote for pixel 3a.

I know there has been sometime from when this was posted but the Pixel 3a series would be a great addition to devices supported by /e/. Does anyone know if someone in the community is looking into that or is that still up in the air?

The signs are bad. There is no official LineageOS 9-Pie template, extremely few unofficial LineageOS builds and a handful of unofficial LineageOS 17.1 builds.

ASOP 10 is no theme currently at all with /e/. Add to this the lack of staff and resources at /e/.

So I’ll have to settle for not /e/ ROMs and the /e/ BlissLauncher /e/ Wallpaper /e/ Browser /e/ Apps for the foreseeable future.

@archje Hi Arche, I’m sorry, I’m new here and I must admit I didn’t get what you mean by “ASOP 10 is no theme currently at all with /e/”.

Most important, I want to vote for the develpment of a build for the google pixel 3a!
If there are any ways a noob can help with that, I’m up for it!

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Hello @Ch0pinou, in contrast to LineageOS (17.1), /e/ migrates its supported devices to maximum /e/ OS 9-Pie aka Android 9-Pie.

Android 1Q or Android Open Source Project (AOSP) 1Q are currently not on /e/'s agenda, which means that /e/ willn’t have to worry about this for the foreseeable future.

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So finally did someone created a build for Pixel 3a ? This is the phone I was intending to buy for /e/

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tks a lot @archje !!

So with your link I may have everything i need to install /e/ on my new Pixel 3a ?

Following the [HOWTO] install eOS GSI on a Treble device, yes @yoda67. Only what comes after that? With GOS I know what’s in.

ok tks
what do you mean by that " Only what comes after that? With GOS I know what’s in."
Sorry my english is not 100% perfect

Hej @yoda67, there’s no need to apologize for so-called bad English. I also don’t always translate German speaking habits in an understandable way, as we just noticed ;o))

Well, I’m referring to the two questions I asked here. Without continuous development an OS on a current phone has no chance with me.

Please ask again if I’m not making myself clear.

so you mean :
If the GSI generic install on a P 3a won’t have maintenance in the future, then you would forget about this phone ? (maintenance from e or Android (security patches).

LOL the french guy trying to speak to the German guy, in english…

Well, this is a globalised multicultural mix ;-//

G°°gle security patches and device enhancements (firmware) come around the 5th of every month for Ppixel 3a. That’s very commendable, isn’t it?! If /e/ OS doesn’t have same level, it isn’t interesting for a device in this price range for me. No matter if I’m an /e/nthusiast or not.

The fastest solution to the security patches on time issue is delta updates. We can send out just the patches immediately after they have been released instead of bundling it + fixes and updates in a full build. I have been pushing for this to be implemented. Will raise this again for a fast closure.