Google Pixel 4a is a bad phone

I would like to notify people that are thinking to buying a Google Pixel that after one fall the screen broke and then I found long time after an official one from ifixit which broke by itself (this time with tempered glass protection and a bumper) so they sent me one more for free that broke itself soon after again (again the tempered glass has not a scratch).
This topic is an update from a candid thread I posted about how to fix a Pixel:


I’m sorry for your loss.
I advise you to use flip cases on the phones because they protect better. I have never broken a smartphone screen in ~10 years or so and I lost count of the phones I used. (Truth be told I bought many phones with cracked or problematic screens but they never got worse while in my possession)

Boone chance avec le nouveau portable!


i think “LOVE MEI” are one of the best protection cases

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