Google Pixel 4a issue (R 0.18) Notes Synchronization failure

Hello everyone,

I am having an issue accessing Notes on the /e/ Cloud. I am getting two successive error messages:

“Synchronization failed: server connection is broken.” Which is followed by this one: “

Mail and Contacts synchronize fine. Only Notes is not working. As stated in the subject line, this is occurring on a Pixel 4a “sunfish” with the Beta R 0.18 OS. Any assistance or point in the right direction is greatly appreciated. Thanks and best regards,


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This is a known problem, and is being worked on. You could add a comment to this gitlab defect, so the developers know that more people are affected.

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Thanks @petefoth that’s exactly the little nudge I was looking for! I will comment in the gitlab thread per your suggestion.

Cheers! :beers: