Google Pixel 6a 'bluejay'


Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


I support this whish :wink: As my Mi8 was “retired” due to it age. I miss e/OS :wink: But perhaps I will go the GrapheneOS Way due to e/OS missing a.t.m.

An Official LineageOS is currently found for Google Pixel 6a (bluejay)

I do not have this device, but I have been able to build
but it is UNTESTED.

If @linuxdriver or anyone else is interested in trying an untested build on a Pixel 6a bluejay I will make the ROM available. If you are interested please just say yes, here, on the open forum.



Have e/os on a Xiaomi mi a2 but I am not able to use it daily because it doesn’t receive good signal, I have the pixel 6a and I wan to use it with e/os

Hi @Jiuik96 welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the offer, here you go: [Unofficial BUILD] UNTESTED build Pixel 6a 'bluejay' e-1.10-beta-s – please tell me how it goes.

Good luck


Anything further on formally adding the Pixel 6a to the /e/OS fold, especially with the bootloader locked?

I am prepping for international travel and - like a thread or two elsewhere in these Fora - am somewhat concerned about access to the device at border checkpoints (or just in general, really). My beloved Sony Xperia XA2 is not re-lockable, so I am looking to get a Pixel 6a to become the travel phone (I already have a travel laptop that runs Debian and gets a wipe after a trip…).

Of course, I just love the Advanced Privacy feature of /e/OS, especially the Fake Location applet. As it stands I will have to use GrapheneOS or LineageOS to run the phone, hence my question about the state of bluejay’s /e/OS ROM maturity …

I don’t quite feel ready yet to build it from scratch and am therefore hoping 6a bluejay becomes a fully-fledged member of the /e/ family :wink:

/e/OS and Pixel 6a is to be tested soon by a renowned IT expert, pentester / security researcher and lecturer for IT security in the article series “Custom ROMs”. The focus will be on analyzing the data transmission behavior. It will be examined where the custom ROMs establish connections and which data is transmitted in the process. The results should provide information on how privacy-friendly a custom ROM is in the default configuration and derive tips on how to limit or even completely disable “home calling”.

This is late, but according to Louis Rossman, GrapheneOS is a good OS, but the dev is a bit crazy. I wouldn’t trust the OS anymore, but I’ve been on Calyx waiting until /e/OS is available for Bluejay

Just to point out, there is available an

[Unofficial BUILD] UNTESTED build Pixel 6a ‘bluejay’ e-1.10-beta-s

We always hope that with a few good reports of the Unofficial, that /e/OS will adopt the build more quickly.


I would use it, but I can’t rollback to Android 12. I will remain on CalyxOS until /e/ is officially supported.

The primary dev is stepping down and passing responsibility on to the wider dev team - there are considerable discussions going on about that.

Of course, if /e/OS arrives for bluejay then there will be an actual choice for end-users. I was very happy with /e/ for years. If the bluejay implementation on /e/OS allows bootloader re-locking, then my head will be seriously turned back again for the phone. I still have /e/OS on my Galaxy tab.

I didn’t see anything about that. Could you link me to where you found that news? I was using Graphene until Louis Rossman said what he said, at which point I jumped ship to Calyx (Apparently less secure, but I don’t trust a rouge dev)

I agree with what you said though. There should be more roms that allow the bootloader to be relocked.

Edit: Fixed typo.

There is also an official build of IodéOS for this device:

Would IodéOS be less or more secure than Calyx? I’m just using whatever is the safest right now until /e/os comes out.

Sorry I don’t know. I’m not familiar with Calyx. Also, like /e/OS, IodéOS’s main focus is on privacy and usablity not security.

Here it is:

Bear in mind that - like the /e/OS community - the GOS community has some strong opinions, forcefully voiced. I would ignore the noise and focus on the signal in that thread.

There will also be official response via an article to certain videos that have been made about the project, including proof of the recent attempts to have Daniel killed by the police and also for other past events.

Slightly stronger than any opinions expressed in my experience of the /e/OS community :frowning: Sounds like something to steer well clear of!

Is the pixel 6A receiving e/os at anytime?