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I installed “Google Play Spiele” from the /e/ App-Store. But it seems that Games (like FIFA Mobile oder Asphalt 9) do not recognize it, so they can’t use it. Is there a way to install an play Games that require “Google Play Spiele” (Google Play Games)?

I know, it’s from Google, but tell that children that want to play the latest Games.


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Mach dir eher mal Gedanken darüber genau dafür ein extra Smartphone zu nutzen anstatt den ganzen Mist auf dein Hauptgerät zu pushen und damit die Idee, den Gedanken und die Security hinter einem OS wie /e/ absurdum zu führen.
Das passt nicht zusammen.

Hi Thomas, welcome to the forum, hope you’re enjoying eOS!

I can’t help much but have you logged into google account in microg settings before installing the apps?

There are some articles somewhere on the forum regarding microg and what to expect from it. Some things that need google play services work on e, some things don’t unfortunately.

There is this list of apps that work and don’t work with microg but I couldn’t see any mention of the games.

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i have the same issue, was logged to microG, but Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes didn’t see that as google play
i’v even installed google play games, but it wasn’t able to start/login… still on initiation screen