Google play, how to install?

Hi, how to install google play services? I try open gapps but it failed


/e/ is basically making everything possible to ungoogle apps and everything sooooo… :grin:

If you’re looking for specific apps, check Apps or Aurora Store. :v:t2:

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Please don’t.

If you need Google Maps or Drive or Gmail, you can find them in Apps by /e/.

Without any need to install the whole rubbish system called Google Play.

If you want have gapps and play services you are wrong on e-os. It’s a ungoogled OS.

Pls search not for a solution running google sh…t, search for solutions to leave google behind


Hi @Cipiksvk, Google Play cannot be installed on /e/ to the best of my knowledge. The reason as mentioned in the other responses is /e/ has been de-googled. Which essentially means we have removed the google service calls from the code base. The idea is to clean up Lineage /AOSP code and make it safe for users who value their privacy.Even if you manage to install GAPPS or Google Play services it will not work correctly and fail.
In case you have to use google play due to any reason you should use Lineage OS with GApps instead of /e/ on your device.