Google Play services in EOS?

To install apps I have aurora store installed. In aurora store it says google play services update avaiable. Is google play services still part of EOS?I thought all google related files would be gone?

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What Aurora store detects is that a package with the name of the Play services is installed, and that package comes from microG, which poses as the Play services to Apps which need them to possibly work on /e/OS without the Play services.

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Thank you very much AnotjerElk. I understand the first part of your answer concerning google play.
The second part is more confusing.
Should I only install apps through the Aurora store?
Should I not use “Apps” from EOS at all?
How can I recognize which apps were NOT installed through Aurora?
I only installed “wifi automatic” app on this phone. Should I now blacklist all items in Aurora blacklist manager expecept for Wifi automatic? Thanks again :pray:

That’s entirely up to you.
But since the OS comes with its own set of Apps, Aurora Store will not be the only source of Apps in any case, so you will not get around Aurora Store’s blacklist if you want to avoid possible confusion.

That’s entirely up to you.

You installed Apps via Aurora Store, so you know those Apps. Not installed via Aurora Store would then be everything else.

If you installed this App via Aurora Store, then yes.

Sorry still don’t get it :slight_smile: What could be the confusion (apart from mine)?
Apps and Aurora keeping track of the same installations?
So you really mean blacklisting the whole 100 or more files in the Blacklist?

And it might even not always be exactly the same, as the microG example here shows.

Yes. (I’ve done that myself.)

Hi AnotherElk,
I understand blacklisting in Aurora prevents the apps from updating. Why is that to be preferred? F-Droid and Aurora Store Guide - Install Android Apps in Privacy! - YouTube

It only prevents the blacklisted Apps from being considered for updating by Aurora Store. They can still get updated, either by any other store which installed them or by OS updates in the case of system Apps.

Because otherwise it can lead to topics like this one :wink: .

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Hi AnotherElk,

I just learned on this forum that APPS from EOS is not save

and has a lot of old apps like eg firefox /e/OS Application Checker - e Foundation - deGoogled unGoogled smartphone operating systems and online services - your data is your data

When I blacklist apps in aurora they will get updated by another store as you said, so presumably APPS or F-Droid. Isn’t it better for safety reason to let Aurora handle the update?
Is there a way to tell the EOS where to get it’s updates from?
Have a good weekend!

The CleanAPK workaround to somehow get Play Store Apps into /e/OS has been discussed at length since /e/OS exists, and it was said that it’s being faded out as the development of the new App Lounge progresses. The topic you link to seems to have mainly discussed legality, not safety.
Either you’re fine with it or not, you can always choose to not use the /e/OS Apps installer/ App Lounge.

It seems the Checker is only good for checking whether the /e/OS Apps installer/ App Lounge has a particular App at all.
The version numbers reported by the Checker can be outdated.

Example: I let /e/OS update the App on my phone. The Checker reports version 20.08.p04.01, but I’m on 22.04.p02.03 currently (I think 22 is the year and 04 is the month, which would be quite current).

Your choice. It’s nice to have choices.

Very clear, thank you, like your sense of humor.