Google play services updated by mistake

By mistake I let google play services update in aurora. Should reinstall E/OS again now or am I still google free?

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Aurora Store can try this (as it mistakes microG for the genuine Google services, as intended, you can use the Blacklist manager in Aurora Store to block Aurora Store from trying), but the update try shouldn’t complete successfully.

Which version number is displayed for you for the App microG Services (

You can see the version in Settings - Apps - See all … apps - microG Services - (scroll down to the bottom of the App info to see the version number).

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Thank you for you quick response. Have to wait for girlfriend to return home cause t is here mobile and do not have the screen unlock code. I will let you know asap.

Hi AnotherElk Found the version number. It is Hope this is still the right one. If not will you let me know what to do? Thanx for your help and have a good evening.

This is a microG version number … … not Google Play Services.

Great so we do not have to worry about installing all things over. Thanx a lot!

Good morning I have one more question. Turns out App Lounge automatically updated the aurora apps. Is that a problem?

No, regarding Play Store Apps the App Lounge just copies what Aurora Store does, same functionality.

Thank you. Does that mean I could leave the App lounge on automatic? Would be more practical instead of doing it manually all the time through aurora.

Seems that way then.
I don’t use the App Lounge currently, I can’t say much about it in practice.

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