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I have two Samsung S9 Pluses.

On Aurora Store, (before and after the update to Android 10), it said there was an update to Google Play Services on one device. Not sure why it wasn’t on both, (maybe I inadvertently updated it).

I read you should add it to Aurora blacklist, but when I do, it says microG Services Core, (see pic). Should I remove it from the blacklist, and is there a way to see if Google Play Services is installed on the other device and remove it?


Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Settings > Apps & Notifications > App Info

Yes, thanks Taurus, I have looked there before, and just now, but its not there, and I assumed it wasn’t showing as its more of a system type app.

So, if it should show up there, and it’s not, why is it not showing as an update on both phones?


One more time @confused

Installing Gogol Play Service is not possible on a device running /e/OS or LineageOS for microG.

If you see something called gogol play serrvice on a /e/device, it is in fact microG with a fake package name.
And it is updated with /e/ update as it is a system package.

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Can you explain why two identical devices, running the same OS, with the same App Store behave differently?