Google’s “Web Environment Integrity” (WEI) proposal

Many browser based on chrome take position on Google’s “Web Environment Integrity” (WEI) proposal. I don’t found statement from /e/.

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Good time to change the web view to gecko based. Long live b2g :sunglasses:


@Saijin_Naib /e/ could go with Firefox (or a fork thereof) as default browser, but changing the system webview to gecko is a different thing -

the GeckoView API is not compatible with the WebView API in a very meaningful way unfortunately

Something like WEI was always a possibility with Chrome market domination. In mobile, there is only chromium-blink and safari-webkit derived browsers, no Firefox foothold at all. 6% in desktop, some countries more so than others. b2g was right place right time, but wrong devices.


Agreed. I had the Open, Open C, and the Flame, which was excellent but too late.

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Statement from EFF


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