Google security code

Hi ! I hope I’m not totally on the wrong tag about my question.
For work purposes, I had to use our youtube account and then add on it some coworkers to administrate it. This youtube account was linked to an old personnal google account, it used not to be a problem, but when I tried to enter the administrators of the youtube account panel, it only let me verify my identity through one method : the security code that, normally, can be found in Settings > Google > Account etc.
Obviously on /e/ there is not such thing, but then I was stuck with this professionnal issue and it seem I can’t go through this step with an other authentification method.
My first guess would be that there is no solution in my case, and we’ll figure it out without relying on my smartphone, but I wondered if there would be any solution I couldn’t have think of ?

Thanks for reading !

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