Google Update Reveals AI Will Start Reading All Your Private Messages

Google has just unveiled a game-changing AI upgrade for Android. But it has a darker side. Google’s AI will start to read and analyze your private messages, going back forever. So what does this mean for you, how do you maintain your privacy, and when does it begin.


For the record, oh developers of /e/os: please to not put any trainable systems in without an easy and complete way to disable them. :slight_smile:

I can live with trainable bayesian spam filtering, because its errors are easy to see and trivial to correct, but that’s about as far into this stuff as I’m willing to go.


I’ve never understood why people accepted to have mails on gafam,
It would be unbelievable for me to do it, and I’ve never done it.


I’ve never understood why people accepted to have mails on gafam

Three reasons come to mind:

  1. They might not have much choice. If the office IT department uses G-Suite or M365, that’s company policy and zero companies are going to be cool with users spinning up their own mail servers.

2a. Not much choice at this point. Yahoo/AOL is probably the third largest e-mail provider after MS and Google, but after that, things get messy quickly. Protonmail is an option, sure, but it’s a bit off the beaten path. Registrar-based e-mail (GoDaddy, Hostgator, Namecheap, etc.) isn’t a great option because their spam filtering is easily some of the worst.
2b. ISP-based email is becoming problematic; US provider Verizon passed off e-mail service to Yahoo years ago, and only if users requested it. US provider Altice keeps existing e-mail accounts, but deletes them if the account isn’t accessed for 90 days and won’t reopen it. Starlink doesn’t give users email accounts at all, nor do any wireless ISPs that I’m aware of.
2c. Roll-your-own solutions aren’t a picnic; you have to be technical to do it, and if you’re self-hosting at home, you get to deal with the fact that most residential ISP ranges are blacklisted, and even if they’re not, good luck getting your ISP to let you set your own PTR record. Self-hosting is basically all cons for 99.999% of end users.

  1. In the end, it doesn’t even matter. As someone who runs one of the eCloud server instances at home…from a privacy standpoint, of what virtue is it to avoid having all of my e-mails on my own server, if basically everyone I e-mail is using Microsoft or Google? Those companies still get the emails on the recipient side, so…really the only thing that they don’t get are emails intended for other self-hosted servers, which is a depressing minority.

That’s the conclusion I basically drew.


Some good points but I would still mandate to use or instead ;- )

I am waiting for Murena pro that may come in 2024 to make privacy as my company policy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I dream of being in a place where I do IT work for a few small/medium businesses who all distribute Fairphone 4’s running /e/OS to their employees, all of whom use only their FairPhones for all work purposes, and who send PGP-signed e-mails to clients and whose e-mail signatures actively encourage moving away from MS and Google for e-mail.

…and in that same dream, I’m married to Penelope Cruz and am chauffeured to work in my Aston Martin, but only because my McLaren is being upgraded =).


Any thoughts on ProtonMail or the commercial

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