Google Voice on /e/

I’d like to use Google Voice for calling via my google voice number on me /e/ device. I may eventually migrate, but this is what I have for now…

However, I get the error “Failed retrieving accounts” and it just shows the sign in to your google account screen with the loading circle forever.

I have microG and gmail works with k9 and acal and the like.

On 9 on the Pixel XL and OnePlus 5T both.

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Looks like you have to connect to your Google account in MicroG, and if it doesn’t work in the system.

@Anonyme The account is already connected in MicroG.

The second half of your statement seems unfinished.

in Settings > Accounts.

@Anonyme I see, thanks for clarifying.

I removed the account from the Settings > accounts, added it again via the microG app - the same issue persists.

Has anyone else had any luck with Google Voice?
I’ve seen other apps work on some phones but not others.

I just tried it and I’m seeing the same issue unfortunately. :frowning:

I also tried logging into google voice in the browser, and although logging in succeeds, I cannot find a way to make calls – the option seems disabled / greyed-out. I don’t know if the browser is blocking necessary components of the site or if google voice is more broadly unsupported in /e/.

Well… I guess the point is getting away from google - so anyone know of any other online number services that have # forwarding like google voice?