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While avoiding Google is a great idea and I want to do it as much as possible, I am finding it hard to avoid using Google Wallet for tap-in type payments and services. Presumably some apps may find it hard to take payments without it also (I’m moving from iOS tho so haven’t used apps in this way on Android).

At the moment Google Wallet does not seem to work for me. Is this a known problem, or does it work for some people? The error I get is:

Not yet supported

If a known problem, are there plans to support the functionality needed, or is it just too complicated or risky given the link to financial transactions etc?

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Whenever you have an issue or whatnot, search the forum first. Check for ‘google pay’.

Using it does not seem possible.

This very long thread, Android Pay Support [$135] · Issue #361 · microg/GmsCore · GitHub, shows no progress. Six years old so best to jump to end for recent comments.

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Thanks @marcdw — I did indeed check the forum but the posts seemed a bit old and potentially out of date, or just accepted that Google Pay was a non starter.

And thanks for the GitHub ticket, it seems like the question has moved towards being a bit more resolvable from a technical standpoint. It is kind of incredible that there is a duopoly in this space, somehow the regulators have missed something there!

Good point about the forum posts. Things move rapidly sometimes with Android. What was reported not working “yesterday” may now have a solution “today”.
Even though I may say search the forums I usually do so myself just in case something has changed regarding a subject.

What may or may not work regarding Google Pay seems unclear. In more than one place I’ve seen reference to success with a certain bank (mbank?) working somehow. Maybe some magic was involved (root, modules, safetynet workarounds, etc.).
The main microG dev, mar-v-in, did mention that the TapAndPay API is not implemented. That seems to be a major stumbling block I think.

when I’m in doubt, I search microg for the class. Even if it exists, it could be implemented superficially - so an App will not crash, but not have feature parity.

The pay api surface increases, but you’d need to compare docs to see how far it got along

Q: Now do Google pay can work?

A: No. This is just the beginning of laying a foundation to get things to work.

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