GPS not working anymore - /e/ 1.3 & galaxy A3

Hi community !

Since the latest /e/ upgrade (or maybe before), I’m encountering serious trouble with GPS location. It does not work anymore indeed. Which means :

  • GPS test does not see a single satelite, or barely one after a long, long time. Even outside
  • OpenMaps does not even try to (the location icon on the top bar does not appear). So does Waze
  • Advanced privacy is not enabled : no effect
  • Location permission for both GPS test and OpenMaps are permanently granted : no effect
  • I tried to push a new gps.conf without any result. I found it on an old backup but don’t remember where it comes from. I’ll paste it there later if it can help…
  • Of course plenty of reboot and shut down - wait minutes - boot

…Among others that I might forget.
This is a big issue for me as you can imagine.
Does anyone have a clue of what is going on ? I don’t know simply how to be sure if the problem is software or hardware related :((

Best regards to all of you, and thanks for you help !