GPS on Fairphone (WGS84 issue)

Hello everbody here.

I’m using a Fairphone 3 with /e/ for a few months and all in all I’m very happy with it. Fine Work from the e Foundation and the Fairphone Company.

There is only one issue, I can not solve so far (I’m using the newest release of /e/ for FP3).

I’m using my device for recording GPS Tracks for photography and activities (location always is germany). So far nothing special - but the recorded gps height is far to high - the difference is about 50m.

I already heard from some andoid devices having this issue, because there are chipsets recording data based on the WGS84 earth ellipsoid instead of recording the altitude above sea level. In general this should be no real issue and be correctable, but how can I achieve this?

Found some GPS issues in the e forums but not this one.

For a little hint, I would be very grateful.