GPS on Motorola Moto E condor is 20 years in the past


I have installed the latest /e/ version on my Moto E phone and while the system date is correct, the GPS gets dates in year 2000.

I did a screenshot in the ‘SatStat’ app yesterday (2020 june 25th). The GPS date (Obtention du dernier fix) is 2000 november 9th!

From what I gather, there is a 1024 week discrepancies which is due to a GPS week number rollover in april 2019!

Is there any way to update ths GPS date?

I have the same issue with SatStat on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (serranoltexx) with /e/OS. It is not fixed by now.
I erased and updated A-GPS data with an APK (com.chartcross.gpstest) sideloaded from Play Store - but it had no effect.

I also had this issue on a Moto G4 Play (harpia) under LineageOS 14.1 with SatStat. As far as I remember the false date vanished after a certain time (maybe some days). Now this device shows the correct date and time.
I didn’t realize an impact because of the false date in using e.g. OSMand~.

SatStat maybe is a bit outdated. There are several issues on

I also often use GPSTest from
It works fine and doesn’t show the date - only time ;–)

Thanks for your answer.

It is a problem for me when using ForRunners which uses GPS datetime but seems to switch to system datetime from time to time (and tells me I have been running/cycling for more than 172 000 hours).

I installed GPSTest (the one from F-Droid). It got lucky positioning with Glonass instead of GPS and got the right time, using SatStat immediately after got the right date. On my second try, GPSTest found only GPS sattellites and displayed the wrong time (the wrong date is in Daylight Saving Time…).

Maybe I should disable GPS and only use Glonass (not sure if possible or advisable).

Hey !
I have the same issue on my Galaxy S9+ e-/OS/ 1.2 and 1.3, at least since August 2022, 21st !

  • SatStat reports last fix on 2003-01-18 (as of today, 2022-09-03)
  • GPSTest reports wrong GNSS time “may be due to the GPS week rollover issue” (or some kind of … 'cause we are not on these 1999, 2019, 2038 years … but yes, nearly 19.6 years in the past !)
    And yes, OsmAnd~ works OK, too … but not TrackBook or Naturalist :frowning:
    I tried resetting Advanced privacy (clear cache, data, force stop, reboot phone) => not better.
    And then activating Advanced Privacy, but with real position (and real IP) … no luck.
    Any idea ?