Gps trouble on samsung S4


I’am trying to use waze or googlemap as GPS while I’am driving, but the phone can’t find any GPS,
I’am totally new to and not full of skill concerning smartphone.

the only things I can say is that I’am using LTE connection, (not 3G) and the location mode is “high accuracy”…
anything that I should change or cheak to be able to connect to GPS ?
any tool that I can download to analyse my selphone ?

thanks for your help

Hi, welcome in the community :slight_smile:

I guess it’s the same thing with the default pre-installed “Maps” app ?

(It might take a minute or two to find location after it has been activated).

no, the map app seems to work well…

Interesting… I have no solution, though you can try to change the location mode, from High accuracy to Device only for instance.

well; I tried and it did not work…

I found this :

I gonna try it soon

you should control the unifiedNLP setup in MicroG

Hi harvey186

thanks for your answer ! what is MicroG ?
and how can I access it ?

Have a look in ‘Settings’ of device. there you will find MicroG. It’s the replacement for goolag play service. There you can setup the location provider

Ok, great
it told me that the geolocation is not activated but I cannot do it by cliking on the tick box… it won’t “tick it”

Your are in SelfTest, aren’t you ?

Scroll down in main microG screen. At bottom you will find the UnifiedNLP. You can push it and than you can set it up

everything but mozilla stumbler is “on”
all data source are onnominatim is on and the API server used is OSM…

what is “selfTest” ?

selftest is the first point in the main microG page.

Do you have BlissLauncher ? If yes, is the weather widget working ?

and better using MapQuest. I’m always having trouble with OSM

Is the seftest in microG shown like this

yes I do have Blisslauncher
but it have trouble sometimes, and it shutdown and restart alone
meteo widget seems to work…

No , the self test did not give this result…
the 3rd box is not ticked (network-base location enabled)

Ok,pls check this

I gat the same configuration as you gat

Ok, the last you can check. If that’s also the same I think you should create an issue on github

And the permissions of the app you are using

my interface donc look at all as yours but it seems to be configured the same…
I don’t know why, but my computer at my job did not recognise my phone and my mail don’t seem to be working neither…
do you think I should downlaod somthing for my phone to be visible on the computer ?

cause I would like to post some screen shot but it seems hard if the phone is not recognised and the mail don’t work…

whatever, I really appreciate your help !!!
thanks a lot !

When you plug the phone to a computer, a silent notification comes in your phone. Click on it and select “Files transfer” instead of “Charge only”.

Please try a weather app like MyWeather from f-droid and search for your location. After the app has found your location the missing tick will shown in selftest